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Cuban mother without medicine for her sick son: “Passing work, that’s how we live”

MADRID, Spain.- Cuban Elizabet Coba Proenza, a resident of Baracoa, Guantánamo province, does not have medicine to care for her son. In addition, the child does not have even basic food, since the economic conditions of the family do not allow it.

Her son is seven years old and suffered from cerebral palsy, has digestive deformities and suffers from chronic asthma and epilepsy.

“The drug with which he improves his asthma a little is ketotifen, but it hasn’t been in the pharmacy for months. I don’t know how you can get better without that medication, ”he told CubaNet Coba Proenza, who also explained that he has tried all kinds of home remedies, but without results.

“Since he is not coming to the pharmacy, he does not appear on the outside either – the black market— and when it shows up, it’s worth a fortune,” he said.

The last time she was able to get ketotifen at the pharmacy, more than two months ago, only “20 tablets came, but the treatment is one in the morning and one at night,” said Elizabet Coba.

Thanks to some people who have once given him one or two, he has been able to provide them, “but that is not the treatment.”

The same difficulties have to get prednisone or salbutamol.

Regarding the difficult food situation in the house, he explained that since last December they no longer give the child milk for the basic basket, which was the only thing he wanted to drink.

They can’t get milk through resellers either because of the exorbitant prices at which it is found, said this woman, whose husband cannot work due to medical reasons.

“The only thing they give the child for his special diet is a little piece of chicken,” denounced Elizabet Coba Proenza.

“This is incredible. Passing work, that’s how we live,” lamented the woman.

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