Cuauhtemoc Cardenas: "I do not see the reasons for a new electoral reform"

Cuauhtemoc Cardenas: "I do not see the reasons for a new electoral reform"

Córdova: if something works, “don’t mess with it”

Regarding the electoral reform proposal that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will send to the Congress of the Union, Córdova Vianello emphasized: “If something works, don’t mess with it because you can break it!”

“So can we go to 2024 with these rules (2014)? -He questioned himself and replied: Without a doubt! That is why I say that it is not a necessary reform, ”she exclaimed.

In addition, he stated: “I do not know if it is a pertinent reform, after the heated atmosphere that occurred in the Congress of the Union, after the discussion of the Electricity Industry Law (LIE)”.

Córdova recalled that the political reform of 1977 represented a turning point in the political life of the country and a starting point towards the democratic transition, and that from it the reforms of 1986, 1989-90, 1993, 1994, 1996, 2007 were promoted. , 2008 and 2014, which are undoubtedly perfectible.

Peschard trusts that the new reform will not prosper

Jacqueline Peschard, former electoral counselor, hoped that a new electoral amendment would not prosper, given that we have a fair and reliable electoral system, in addition to impartial authorities.

For Peschard, the reform proposal announced by the Executive intends to “erase at a stroke of the pen” the last 45 years that the country has advanced by approving new rules of the game for all the actors. “We hope that this initiative does not prosper,” he insisted.

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