Court orders arrest of accused of Moïse Kabagambe murder

Court orders arrest of accused of Moïse Kabagambe murder

The arrest of three men involved in the beating and death of Congolese immigrant Moïse Mugenyl Kabagambe was decreed today (2). The crime took place on the 24th, at the Tropicália kiosk in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. The arrest warrant was given at dawn by the judge of the Judiciary Duty, Isabel Teresa Pinto Coelho Diniz.Court orders arrest of accused of Moïse Kabagambe murder

The temporary arrest of Aleson Cristiano de Oliveira Fonseca, the “Dezenove”; Brendon Alexander Luz da Silva, the “Totta”; and Fábio Pirineus da Silva, the “Belo”, was requested yesterday by the Civil Police to the Public Ministry. According to the head of the Capital Homicide Police Station, Henrique Damasceno, they will answer for double qualified homicide.

According to the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice (TJRJ), the accused were identified after the testimony of witnesses who witnessed the beating, carried out with wooden bars. After the violence, the victim was still tied with a rope by one of the accused.

In the decision, the judge notes that further investigations are needed to clarify the facts.

“However, there are still steps and investigative acts to be carried out in order to better elucidate the facts. Temporary detention is a kind of precautionary measure that aims to ensure the effectiveness of investigations to later enable the provision of just cause for the initiation of criminal proceedings. It is not a preventive detention, obeying different hypotheses, being a kind of precautionary detention even more restricted”.

Images from the kiosk show that three men participated in the session of violence against Moïse, who was brutally beaten with clubs, after an apparent argument began. The circumstances of the fight are still being investigated by the police.

Relatives of the Congolese claim that he had gone there to collect a debt. The attackers claim that he had started a fight inside the establishment.

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