Counselor Teobaldo Quispe demands speed for the new hospital in Huancavelica

Counselor Teobaldo Quispe demands speed for the new hospital in Huancavelica

Regional councilor Teobaldo Quispe Guillén urged the contracting company to speed up the deadlines so that the new hospital in .

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“It is a concern for our region, that the Zacarías Correa Valdivia Hospital, last week we had a meeting with the minister and representatives of PRONIS. According to the technical file, 300 workers should be working, today, in the Hospital of Huancavelica, we barely found 20 people working there, that is why the population perceives that the work is paralyzed”, said Quispe Guillén.

He added: “Given this, we have gone to demand from the minister that the work has to advance, he was able to tell us that the work has 45% physical execution, and 47% budget execution.”

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The regional legislator affirmed that the main problem was the lack of electricity, which has already been concluded, for which he said that the only remaining problem was a PRONIS payment to the company, which would also already be solved.

“Tomorrow (today Friday) a technical team from PRONIS would be present in a major project that is the Zacarías Correa Hospital; In the event that they do not arrive, we will communicate with the adviser to the Minister of Health. We have to speed up this work”, he detailed.

He stated that as of June 3, he should already have 100% of the staff working on the construction of the new hospital in Huancavelica.

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“To date, the company no longer has any observations to make, the pending payments with PRONIS have already been 100% resolved,” said the regional councilor.

He urged the entire population to be vigilant that this construction is carried out according to the technical file and within the previously established deadlines.

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