They ask that they begin to "roll heads" for Acevedo's crime

They ask that they begin to “roll heads” for Acevedo’s crime

The Senate approved a resolution to clarify the attack against the mayor of PJC, José Carlos Acevedo. Enrique Salyn Buzarquis affirmed that they must begin to “roll heads” to purge the security forces.

According to data from Radio Ñanduti, the approved resolution is directed specifically to the Executive Power, the Judicial Power and the Public Ministry with the aim of urging them to take the necessary actions to clarify the attack in the city of Pedro Juan. Senator Buzarquis stated on the radio that many want to go to the area to “invoice” and “collect for the crown.”

The legislator also pointed out that due to the lack of results, he presented the document to demand that the Executive, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office urgently and within 15 days clarify the crime. Otherwise, if there are no answers, they should “start cutting heads” in order to give a clear message in the fight against organized crime.

“I think there have to be permanent rotations, not only police officers, but also the military zone where the famous Joint Task Forces are located. What results did we get? Any. But everyone is still at their posts. In the end it became a nice business for a few. I am convinced that many want to leave not to fight organized crime but to get paid,” he said.

He pointed out that it is necessary to show clear signs regarding the fight against organized crime.

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