Cosse: Denying IDB loan is an injustice against all Montevideons

Cosse: Denying IDB loan is an injustice against all Montevideons

Cosse: Denying IDB loan is an injustice against all Montevideons
“They don’t want to let us clean Montevideo,” said Mayor Carolina Cosse. Photo: I.M.

This Thursday, April 21, the Departmental Board of Montevideo rejected the request of the Intendancy to contract the loan with the IDB, for an amount of 70 million dollars, destined for sanitation and cleaning works.

The request of the Intendancy had the votes of the 18 mayors of the Front and the two Colorados from the Ciudadanos sector Gustavo Facciola and Tulio Tartaglia, after the special request made by the Minister of the Environment, Adrián Peña, to support the loan. However, the other two Colorado mayors (Batllistas and Tercera Vía), the entire nationalist caucus and the mayor of the Partido de la Gente did not vote.

To be approved, the project needed a special majority of 21 votes, and it obtained the support of 20 councilors, in 31 seats, so it ultimately did not prosper.


At a press conference, the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, said that the priority is cleanliness and with the vote of the Departmental Board it was shown who is interested in this issue and who is not.

“With the refusal, the more than 1,300,000 people who live in Montevideo are harmed, the 1,000 jobs that would be created with the execution of infrastructure and sanitation works, the repair of the Arteaga network, the solution for the Mataperros stream, to the home collection scheme in double fraction, to the creation of ecocenters and to the change of containers”, explained Cosse.


“They don’t want to let us clean Montevideo. They don’t want to let us work,” said the head of the departmental government.

He said that “it is not an injustice against the Administration, it is against all of us who live and make up Montevideo. It is an injustice against the people of Montevideo”.

“But, if we know something, it is to fight against injustice. Governing is a serious thing and the environment is a serious thing,” she assured.


“I want to excuse my country from the IDB. This day does not honor the best political tradition of Uruguay or the long tradition of the link between the Municipality of Montevideo and the IDB. The fact of today draws a line in the ways of doing politics: there is the serious way of doing politics, putting the interests of the people at the center, and there is the irresponsibility of doing minor politics, ”he said.


Cosse expressed his appreciation to workers, IDB technicians, civil organizations, cooperatives, the Minister of the Environment, Adrián Peña, for “his real commitment to the environment” and the mayors of the Ciudadanos sector of the Colorado Party.

own budget

The hierarch informed that the Intendancy will allocate its own budgetary efforts initially planned to add to the IDB loan, for a new sanitation and environmental works plan that will be announced in the next 10 days.

“In the new stage of the plan, without IDB funds, we will prioritize actions in very densely populated areas, such as housing cooperatives,” said Cosse.

Cosse: Denying IDB loan is an injustice against all Montevideons

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