What the councilors have done in the mayor's offices

What the councilors have done in the mayor’s offices

The usual belligerences in the chapter houses of the mayors of the country that acted as observers, counterweight and strengthened democracy, have now been transformed into harmony between the different parties and the administrations, to the point that many citizens describe the relations as complicity in many of the issues.

This April 24 marks two years since the rise of the current municipal authorities, mayors Y aldermen of Greater Santo Domingo and in a general sense relations are harmonious, according to the councilors themselves who assure that there are no political factions when working for the city.

The call “Golden Rule”, an internal agreement of the parties and endorsed by the leadership of the parties with municipal representation, has been a factor that has brought harmony to the councils of aldermen that once staged internal struggles to occupy positions that led to mourning in some demarcations and although some differences arise, “the party is carried on in peace.”

Contrary to other times, many of the presidents of the councils and spokespersons in the different mayors They have decided not to seek re-election for more than one term in order, according to many, to “give way to other colleagues who seek to develop in politics.”

In the Mayor of the National District it is almost certain that the councilor of the Modern Revolutionary Party will repeat, despite the fact that some party comrades aspire, because in the opinion of his colleagues, even the other parties with representation have done well, except for Mario Sosa, of the Broad Front and allied to the PRM, which has criticized the management.

This City Hall has 37 aldermen and for this third year, the spokespersons of the People’s Force, Nerys Martínez and Francisco Regalado of the Dominican Liberation Party, will no longer aspire, while the official PRM, Fernando Acosta, could continue as spokesperson if his colleagues so decide.

The President of the Council, Elijah Reynoso He stressed that this harmony has made it possible to support the administration of Mayor Carolina Mejía, who also gets along well with the councillors.

“This has been an open and plural council without partisan colors, for the benefit of the city, we all work on a common goal to continue pushing Carolina’s management”, Held.

In Santo domingo norte the situation is similar and the president of the Council, Desiderio Munoz, said that he does not rule out continuing, but that the decision is in the hands of the 16 colleagues who make up the room. He indicated that this second year was very fruitful because they managed to approve several ordinances, more than one hundred resolutions that have allowed attracting investors.

“We really feel comfortable, we have a mayor concerned about the municipality, the 17 aldermen we have been in line with that development, there has been no noise from the mayor’s office or from the aldermen because we are focused on the municipality, that does not mean that we approve everything that the mayor brings down, we discuss it, but we can agree on the things that we understand should be discussed and we do so and on what the mayor he has to give in, he has given in.”

for the mayor Carlos Guzmanpart of the success of his administration lies in the support he has received from the aldermen, with whom, he said, he gets along very well. He indicated that thanks to this support they have managed to build some 20 works out of 27 that they had agreed upon, they have beautified the entrances of the municipality and placed traffic lights on the main roads.

He stressed that they have strengthened legal and citizen security, the situation in Duquesa is controlled and with the support of the private sector several projects have been developed that attract investors, companies, banks and other entities that settle in the municipality.

“It has been a satisfactory year, I could inform the country that for the first time in history for 50 years that the Duquesa landfill has not been lit, we have built both Catholic and Evangelical churches, we have worked on parks, courts, street lighting, sidewalks. and contains, applying the participatory budget”, said Guzmán

In Santo Domingo Eastthere has not been as much harmony between the administration, with the mayor at the head, and the aldermenbut according to the mayor Manuel Jimenezthe advance is remarkable, that many people do not see, but that exist.

He recalled that they took office in the midst of a situation that paralyzed the world due to COVID-19 and that the mayors they were no exception. “It is no secret to anyone that the pandemic that has affected the country for two years and all the institutions of the State and the world generated a domino effect in the administrations, but the progress has been very considerable.”

The president of the Council, Franklin Marte, corroborates the progress, although he acknowledges that on occasions there have been some disagreements with the administration that perhaps have not allowed further progress. He indicated that the beginnings are always difficult, but that he affirmed that last year there has been a lot of progress.

“Regarding the harmony of the council, it has always been good between the party and the opposition, there has always been harmony, they are collaborators with us and in the case of the council of aldermen It has always been harmonious with the administration, although at some point we have not agreed, but in the end, we agree.

Mars is one of the 33 aldermen. He has been president of the Council for two years and says that he does not aspire, so he understands that other colleagues in his party must be given the opportunity.

In Santo Domingo West, its mayor, Jose Andujarassured that 2021 has been a year of great satisfaction for his administration because he managed to get the mayor out of the deplorable situation that he says found it with a debt of about 500 million pesos, employees without insurance for six million, debt with Internal Taxes and suppliers and for garbage collection.

He argued that the financial health of the Mayor’s Office is different from how he found it, which has allowed for works such as the boulevard of the famous, which will soon be inaugurated under the elevated Luperón, where the Las Pulgas market was, construction and paving of streets, sidewalks and containments in sectors that had never had them.

He reported that they have already installed more than 1,300 lamps and the project is to place 11,700 to illuminate streets, avenues, as well as the construction and rehabilitation of sports centers, courts, playgrounds, parks and the rehabilitation of the canyon.

Andújar said that within the plans he has is the expansion of the entrance to the El Café sector to communicate with the November 6 Highway and the Sánchez Vieja highway. “In the next few days we are going to make a model market, there will be a market and parking lot at Inespre with 52 stores and around 100 tables and with an investment of 53 million pesos we are going to clean the public spaces and all the vendors who are in the street we will relocate if they are in the market area”.

He affirmed that in order to achieve these works, the support of the 15 aldermen of the PRM, PLD and Fuerza del Pueblo that have their representatives. He indicated that regardless of political party, they have worked with transparency, without scandals and with enthusiastic participation and brotherhood, because everyone is committed to the development of the municipality.

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