Congress: Ethics will see this Monday denounce Carlos Zeballos for firing a pregnant worker

Congress: Ethics will see this Monday denounce Carlos Zeballos for firing a pregnant worker

The chaired by (Popular Action), will hold a new session on Monday, March 7, starting at 5:00 pm The legislators who are members of the working group will be able to participate by going to the Francisco Bolognesi room or connecting through Microsoft Teams.

In this sense, the agenda indicates that the ex officio complaint against congressman Carlos Zeballos Madariaga (Democratic Peru), accused of allegedly violating parliamentary ethics by having fired a pregnant worker, will be heard.

Another point to be discussed by the Parliamentary Ethics Commission will be the reconsideration of the vote that approved the ex officio complaint against Congressman Américo Gonza Castillo (Free Peru).

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In addition, an ex officio complaint against Gonza Castillo will be addressed for alleged violation of parliamentary ethics in the face of the complaint made by a woman who claims to have been sexually abused by a person linked to the political group Peru Libre.

The hearing against Congressman Luis Gustavo Cordero Jon Tay (Fuerza Popular) will also continue in the alleged case of injury to his ex-partner, in file 020-2021-2022/CEP-CR.

On the former head of the Council of Ministers Guido Bellido (Free Peru), the qualification report will be seen regarding the party’s complaint, whose file is No. 027-2021-2022/CEP-CR.


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