Confiep: The tourism sector is in danger of losing more than 2.5 million jobs

Confiep: The tourism sector is in danger of losing more than 2.5 million jobs

A long list of consequences. The president of the Oscar Caipo, warned that the tourism sector is the hardest hit by the violent protests that take place in the south of the country because jobs decrease if there are no visitors.

“The tourism sector that is concentrated in the south of the country and there more than 90% of the reservations have been cancelled. Two and a half million jobs may be lost in the next few days,” Caipo said in dialogue with RPP.

Marches, vandalism and roadblocks directly affect businesses that must open for only a few hours, or failing that, remain closed. The acts of violence are hitting, mainly, the mining, tourism and agro-export sectors.

“We are talking about approximately 10 million workers between direct and indirect, formal and informal. Two million jobs are generated by mining, four million by agriculture and four million by tourism,” added the president of Confiep.

“The majority that work in these sectors are micro and small companies that are on the brink of bankruptcy. The testimonies that we have heard from the representatives of the sectors is that they can no longer work ”, he pointed out.

In that context, He asked the Executive Power to find ways to restore peace in order to begin to recover the dynamism of the affected sectors.


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