La forma en que ubicaron a la mujer que raptó a la bebé en Los Mina

The way in which they located the woman who kidnapped the baby in Los Mina

A friend of the woman accused of kidnapping the baby of the maternity Los Mina He was the one who informed the authorities about the location of the newborn.

This was reported by the Santo Domingo Este chief prosecutor, Milcíades Guzmán, who specified that Pamela Rosario Suárez is being interrogated along with two other people at the Santo Domingo Este Prosecutor’s Office.

“What has been established is that the lady simulated a pregnancy in front of a husband she has in Villa Riva. She faked it very well because supposedly she had miscarried. He had given her about 10,000 pesos for the cesarean section, “said the prosecutor.

«She (she) is a person with a slightly thick complexion. This seems to have allowed him to simulate the matter well,” she added.

After he kidnapped the baby…

He added that later Pamela Rosario Suárez, already with the baby, went to Santo Domingo to a friend, and this is the person who later reports that he saw the woman in her house with a girl.

“He was concerned when he saw a TikTok video where the loss of a baby was claimed. He is the one who puts the authorities on alert and that’s how you get to Villa Riva and is given the whereabouts of the girl, then in the hands of the husband,” he said.

Guzmán indicated that Rosario Suárez’s husband does not appear so far to have a link to the kidnapping, but rather that she deceived him.

“He even posted statuses on social media where he claimed to be the girl’s father. Also husband’s motherbelieving that it was the grandmother, “he said.

Milciades Guzmán announced that the coercive measure against Pamela Rosario Suárez will be deposited today and that they have advanced in the interviews with those involved.

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