Company has 38 fortnights without paying its workers

Company has 38 fortnights without paying its workers

The Autonomous Class Trade Union Confederation (CASC) and the Autonomous Union of Workers of the Salinas Company of Puerto Hermoso de Baní reported this Thursday that more than 200 workers from that company they have 38 fortnights without receiving payment, for which they request the intervention of the authorities.

According to a statement, the amount owed as of February amounts to RD$20 million and the payment of labor benefits to 12 workers for RD$2,000,000.

“Our confederation has taken several steps so that the payment of said debt can be met, however this has not been possible to date,” indicates the document delivered to the media.

They pointed out that they have approached the authorities of the mayor’s office of the municipality of Baní, the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Labor, but so far they have not had any results.

“For us, the inconceivable thing is that, while this unfortunate situation continues to the detriment of the workers and their families and practically the sale of the Saltone of the best quality in the country and in the region, imports of Salt they grow more every day”, indicates the document signed by Gabriel Del Río Doñé, president of the CASC; José Luis León, Vice President of Action for Claims and Human Rights; Elpidio Antonio Santos, general secretary of the Union of workers from Salinas; and Luis Ramón, general secretary.

Given the situation of workersthe trade unionists said that they see the need to initiate a judicial process before the Attorney General’s Office and initiate a formal claim between the Board of Directors of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for violation of Convention 95 on protection of salary.

In addition, they will initiate an international campaign before international organizations.

The representatives of the workers They called on the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, to intervene in the search for a solution to this problem that affects them.

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