Communards continue on Las Bambas land while they seek to 'recover' it (PHOTOS)

Communards continue on Las Bambas land while they seek to ‘recover’ it (PHOTOS)

This Friday marked a day since the residents of the Fuerabamba community in Challhuahuacho (Apurímac) invaded the land of the MMG Las Bambas mining company, stating that they will recover them despite the fact that they were sold in 2014.

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Since last Thursday, 130 residents have set up tents and shacks in areas surrounding the MMG Las Bambas mining camp, local leaders mentioned that they want their land back due to the alleged breach of offers made by the private company.

“We exhausted the dialogue and the mining company continues to make fun of us, we are here to recover our land and they are not going to withdraw us, Enough of so much injustice and outragerefers a publication made after the shot.

Regarding the incursion, company sources indicated their “surprise at said measure”, assuring that the community has not yet responded to the invitations from PCM, Minem and Las Bambas itself. to support a review of compliance with social investment commitmentsAccording to the company Las Bambas, it accounts for 264 commitments assumed with Fuerabamba, of which 79% have been fulfilled (54% executed and 25% in execution) and 21% are scheduled.

Communards continue on Las Bambas land while they seek to 'recover' it (PHOTOS)

Despite the incursion, the company cited that seek a joint review of social investment commitments and status of compliance with these through dialogue and not through seizures or blockades.

On the other hand, they mentioned the eventual economic impact of the incursion, that halted operations at the Ferrobamba pit. As recalled, at the end of 2021 Las Bambas was forced to suspend its production, which represented daily losses of S/. 1.2 million for contractual royalties and S/. 4 million daily for income tax.


– Meanwhile, community members from five districts of Espinar (Cusco) announced the blockade of the Southern Mining Corridor as of this April 20, in protest against the Antapaccay mining company, which they demand to be considered as a direct area of ​​environmental impact.

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