Criticism of abortion in the Sermon of the Seven Words

Criticism of abortion in the Sermon of the Seven Words

The Catholic Church criticized abortions, poverty and the “predators” of the treasury, in his customary Sermon of the Seven Words that each Holy Fridays It takes place in the First Cathedral of America.

The auxiliary bishop of Santo Domingo, José Amable Durán Pineo, was in charge of the first word: “Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.” In it he pointed out that Jesus Christ he is still betrayed, humiliated and crucified in the millions of unborn children.

“Because they have been cruelly and vilely murdered in the wombs of their own mothers. Or so many treated as mere objects of experiment,” she added. Durán Pineo also judged the violations of children and adolescents and that women are sold and killed.

Also, he cried out for the poor of the Dominican Republic, he asked for the prisoners who live in inhuman conditions and for an end to the injustices “of the treasury predators” and those who “get fat” by evading taxes.

In it Sermon of the Seven Words reflects on the seven words that Jesus Christ pronounced on the cross, and the Holy Fridays they are meditated and updated to the social life of the Dominican people.

“Father, forgive us because because of our spiritual blindness we do not understand the depth of sin and the horrible penalties that we deserve for it,” said the priest.

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