Colombia, among the countries with the best educational management during covid

Colombia, among the countries with the best educational management during covid

In the installation of the fourth edition of the Skills Summit 2022 (Skills Summit), of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)in Cartagena, the general secretary of this international organization, Mathias Cormann, pointed out that it is essential to generate an accessible education for all in which the population is trained in skills that keep pace with the digital transformation that accelerated during the pandemia.

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You have to have the relevant skills in order to be successful and participate fully in the varied options of the economy.“, argument. He also indicated that each time More people trained in digital skills will be needed.

However, he pointed out that this transformation should not be uneven.

Opportunities for leveling and improvement must be provided for all. Youth have been particularly affected by the pandemic, so opportunities for recovery must be created”, he indicated.

In that sense, he stressed that despite the closure of schools, CColombia was one of the countries that did not stop doing exams and guaranteed remote access.

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In turn, the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, pointed out that for the development of skills, a Lifecycle from early attention to youth policies, and creativity.

They told us a while ago how Colombia is one of the countries in the world that best weathered the pandemic in terms of the educational system and maintaining skills, seeking training, graduating students. It was not easy, nor was it something where there were manuals or premises. We achieved it on the basis of having a society that is digitized and the OECD has recorded in its reports that Colombia took a fundamental step in digitizing the StateDuke stated.

(See: The educational subsidy, an economic relief for the return to classes).

Likewise, the president invited the OECD countries to “develop, put into practice and guide the union of two concepts: sustainability and technology, which can be united and called in a single way, such as sustainability”.

And said that it is necessary to advance in policies towards carbon neutrality, and how those goals set (51% less emissions in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2050) can and should be measured, through technology.

(See: Saber and Pisa will measure the impact of the pandemic on learning).


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