They seized two rifle grenades from El Pipo gang

They seized two rifle grenades from El Pipo gang

Three grenades, including two rifle grenades, were seized from the criminal organization El Pipo, according to military reports.

The war material was located in the El Inos sector, La Cañada de Urdaneta municipality, Zulia state, where Harén Jesús Mujica Barrera and Jorge de Jesús García García were detained.

The subjects are members of the El Pipo gang, who are dedicated to theft, collection of vaccines and extortion from merchants in the region.

The military seized a 9 mm pistol, Smith & Weasson, model 469, serial TAC6076, a charger, five 9 mm cartridges, two explosive devices (rifle grenades), an M-26 fragmentary grenade, a telephone set and a Chery Arauca. AG989EG plate.

Mujica and García will be prosecuted for illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of war material and terrorism.

In another procedure, a grenade was also seized and thrown at the Salto Ángel Bakery and Butcher shop, located in the Las Delicias sector, Cabimas, Zulia.

According to witnesses, the grenade was thrown from a motorcycle but the explosive device did not detonate.

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