Iglesia critica servidores públicos hacen perder el tiempo al ciudadano

Church criticizes public servants waste citizen’s time

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Catholic Church launched this Good Friday harsh criticism of the public services, of whom it said they waste the time of citizens who go to state offices to carry out a diligence.

Citing the Seventh word, in the Sermon of the Seven Words, the priest Domingo Legua Rudilla, said that these services live inventing excuses for not attending to citizens who carry out an errand in State institutions.

Parishioners in the Cathedral where the Sermon of the Seven Words was officiated and where the church criticized public servants.
Church criticizes public servants waste citizen’s time 2

“In life there are not only people who get lost, but they remain lost, they are never where they should be, especially some public servants,” he said.

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And he immediately added “Doing an errand, no matter how insignificant it may be, supposes an enormous waste of time and energy: It is not here…go to such an office…the director is not there…come later…the system crashed…come back tomorrow etc…

And he affirmed that serious is not knowing how to be where one belongs.

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