Arequipa: Two men rescued at sea die in hospital

Arequipa: Two men rescued at sea die in hospital

two men who were rescued from the sea this morning in the Arequipa province of Islay, They died at the EsSalud hospital in Mollendo.

Rescuers saved Rodrigo Rivera Álvarez, 27 years old and Erico Aguilar Cahuana, 40 years old and they were transferred to the Emergency area of ​​the hospital, after giving them first aid, but unfortunately they lost their lives in the hospital.

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The accident occurred in the third beach of Mollendo, when visitors took advantage of the Holy Week holiday to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. It was the villagers who alerted the 2 people who were drowning.

The rescuers had to use the nearby boats to extract the bodies and then evacuate them in ambulances.

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