Christmas Eve dinner products increase in price

Christmas Eve dinner products increase in price

The cost of dinner Good night of one dominican family It depends a lot on your purchasing power. Also, what do you want to do, how many members do you have and, above all, where do you buy the products, because prices vary from one place to another up to 100 pesos per commercial establishment.

The most common foods in December they are: rice with corn, moro de guandules, sheet cakes, catibías, baked pork and chicken, turkey, grapes, apples, pastelón de plantains, telera, cupcakes, lasagna, grapes, apples, pears, sweets, nuts and pasta salad, Russian, green or mixed, among others.

In the case of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic families toast with:

  • ciders
  • strikeouts
  • Industrial and homemade wines
  • Whiskey
  • Ron
  • Beer

It is estimated that a family of five members buys or prepares the Christmas Eve dinner with 5,000 pesos, being very measured with what it is going to include, ruling out alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In December 2021, many of the verified products for Free Daily They present a cost of up to 28% less than the prices of this 2022.

An example is that the pound of roasted pork last year it cost an average of 350 pesos and today it is 450 pesos, for 28.57% more. Also, a gallon of oil of 128 ounces, in December 2021 it cost 622.37 pesos and today this product stands at 737.35 pesos, for 18.47% more.

A family of five would also buy two baked chickenseach at a cost of around 350 pesos, or three pounds of roasted pork which, on average, are around 450 pesos each.

Other products

The family can prepare a pigeon peas moor (two pounds of rice cost about 64 pesos and a can of pigeon peas 110 pesos). Does not include ingredients.

Dinner may include five or six sheet cakeswhich are around 85 pesos each (510 pesos), and two pounds of apples (128 pesos).

Also, one to two pounds of grapes (228 pesos) and pastry or lasagna (about 1,500 pesos), among other options.

In January 2022, the rice cover select 10 pounds was around 319.99 pesos (cheaper price), as of December the same rice and brand cost 315.76 pesos, for a reduction of 1.32%.

Instead, the red bean bag of 800 grams it had a cost of 138.99 pesos in January of this year; now in December it stands at 145.33 pesos, for a rise of 4.56%.

Also, the pound of Green guandules It was at the beginning of the year at 116.73 pesos. Twelve months later it costs 130.18 pesos, for an increase of 11.52%.

the gallon of oil from 128 ounces, in January 2022 it had an average price of 638.14 pesos in the supermarkets from the country; in December costs 15.55% more, after settling at 737.35 pesos.

In the same establishments, the pound of fresh processed chicken It was shipped to the public at an average price of 69.50 pesos and in December it cost 83.32 pesos (19.88%), according to data from Pro Consumidor.

Furthermore, the unit barahonero bananas it was sold at the beginning of the year at 16.39 pesos; now in December it stands at 22.14 pesos on average.

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