Government will allocate US$ 12 million to help cheese industries

Government will allocate US$ 12 million to help cheese industries

The Executive Power sent to the Legislature a Bill with the bases to create the Fund for the Reconversion of Dairy Industries (FRIL), an instrument that considers an investment of at least US$ 12 million to support the productive transformation of dairy industries whose management is compromised.

The proposal, with the signature of 14 State ministers, considers “a context of very significant financial difficulties for some medium-sized dairies, specialized in the production of cheeses.”

Small-scale dairy industry companies will be beneficiaries of the fund’s support measures and, in the case of loans, preference will be given to those who do not have access to bank financing.

It was explained to The Observer that the FRIL will be undertaken based on the management of an advisory commission that will be chaired by a representative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) and will be integrated by two other hierarchs, one from the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) and another from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Recently, when the Minister of Livestock, Fernando Mattos, announced that this bill was being worked on to establish assistance in the first tranche of 2023, The Observer indicated, based on various sources, that some of the companies that can benefit from assistance are Claldy, Calcar, Coleme and Quesería HelveticaHowever, they do not rule out that there may be others or that one of these is not included.

There are several industries whose management is compromised.

As for the resources, they will be the following:

  • Contribution of funds for an amount of up to US$ 6 million from the Dairy Guarantee Fund.
  • Resources from the subfund intended to guarantee programs that have an anticyclical effect in the face of fluctuations in international prices of dairy products, for US$ 3 million.
  • Contribution of the Executive Branch charged to General Revenue of US$ 3 million during the first three years of the law’s validity.
  • Reimbursements generated by the financing of approved projects.
  • Contributions, donations and legacies that are made in your favor.
  • All resources that are attributed to it.

Regarding the lines of action considered, the following were detailed:

  • Subsidy for compensation of indirect taxes for small-scale industries.
  • Loans for projects to improve the competitiveness of the industry that are presented to the advisory commission and awarded by resolution of the ministries involved.
Government will allocate US$ 12 million to help cheese industries

Export cheeses.

Below is the complete document sent to The Observer this Tuesday:

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