The documentary "the means of war" was exhibited in Posadas

The documentary "the means of war" was exhibited in Posadas

Photo: Sergio Centenaro (File)

The documentary “The Means of War”co-produced by Télam and Radio and Television Argentina (RTA), which investigates how some national and foreign media hid, lied and misrepresented information about the Malvinas war, was screened this Tuesday in Posadas.

In it you can see how the dictatorship hid, misrepresented and lied about the events that occurred during the military conflict and the role of journalism in covering the Malvinas War.

The presentation was led by rosario lufranopresident of Radio y Televisión Argentina Sociedad del Estado who highlighted, in the first place, “the holiday that is lived today for the celebrations of the soccer team.”

And he contrasted it with another December 20 “of mourning, horror, looting, in which a president had to leave by helicopter.”

“You have to remember those moments because today more than ever we must defend this democracy that, even if it is a young democracy, must find us with a country project“, he indicated.

Later, he commented that this documentary “is directed for the respect of the Malvinas ex-combatants and for the families of those soldiers who fell in that Argentine land, because much was written, much was shown, and much was not written, nor was it shown. “.

Lufrano clarified that “The idea of ​​this documentary was to tell those false news that what they did was generate contradictions in public opinion and demonstrate how news was builthow covers were put together, videos that were not real were shown.

And he explained that “the materials from Télam and channel 7 that were recorded on the islands went through controls before being sent from Buenos Aires to the entire country and to the entire world.”

Finally, he told the public present that “this documentary will open their eyes to find out what the Argentine media and the British media did when they talked about the Malvinas war, and what interests Margaret Tacher defended and what Galtieri defended,” he concluded. .

Also present was the provincial Minister of Culture, Joselo Schuap, who recalled that “this is the year of the 40 years of Malvinas and the next one is the year of 40 years of democracy, since one issue has to do with the other.”

Schuap stated that “what a human being can do is go to war,” and, in the case of this documentary, “you can see how the media handled the information at will.”

The documentary presented this Tuesday was released in September on simultaneously with Public Television and the channels that make up the Federal Council of Public Television.

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