China urges West to really promote peace in Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping told UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday that the international community must really promote peace talks to find a prompt solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

In a telephone conversation with the British head of government, Xi said that “the necessary conditions must be created to solve this matter. We must do everything possible so that peace returns to Ukraine.”

He stressed that “the international community should promote peace negotiations sincerely” and that China will continue to play a constructive role in efforts to achieve peace.

Xi also said that China is interested in maintaining open and inclusive dialogue and cooperation with the UK even though the two nations have “different national conditions and development paths.” He also expressed his hope that London will view Beijing objectively and fairly.

In a statement about the conversation, the British Prime Minister’s office said that the two leaders discussed various issues of mutual interest and that Johnson expressed his condolences to Xi for the victims of the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed to the ground on 21. of March.

After the deployment of the Russian special operation to protect the population of Donbas and demilitarize-denazify Ukraine, on February 24, China has called on the parties to hold negotiations and ensure compliance with the Charter of the United Nations .

At the same time, the Chinese authorities have urged the West to discern its responsibility in not giving legal security guarantees to Moscow, which resorted to its special military operation after unsuccessful diplomatic attempts to put an end to kyiv’s aggression against Donbas and prevent the incorporation of Ukraine into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

China also called on these countries not to use unilateral coercive measures against Russia and not to continue with its million-dollar military aid to Ukraine, thereby contributing to the escalation of tensions.

This Thursday, the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Wu Qian, rejected attempts to slander China from the West, where they point out that Beijing has not condemned what they call “invasion” of Russia.

Wu declared that “everyone knows which power is the biggest instigator of the crisis,” referring to the United States. In this regard, he assured that the position of his country “contrasts with that of the United States”, which has “created and imposed on others a crisis from which it has benefited”.

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