Find out who are the candidates for governor of Pernambuco

Check out the Senate candidates for Piauí

The Electoral Justice received at least 28,000 candidacy registrations for the October elections. The campaign officially started on Tuesday (16) and runs until October 1, the day before the first round. Eight candidates are vying for a seat in the state.Check out the Senate candidates for Piauí

According to the electoral legislation, candidates are authorized to take walks, make motorcades with a sound car and distribute campaign material until 10 pm.

Twelve applications for the presidency and 12 for the vice presidency were received; 223 for governor and vice governor, 236 for senator, 10,406 for federal deputy, 16,453 for state deputy and 591 for district deputy.

Check out the Senate candidates for Piauí:

Albetiza Moreira (PCO) – No. 290 – Coalition: PCO

Don Lotti (Patriot) – No. 510 – Coalition: Patriot

Fábio Servio (Pode) – nº 190 – Coalition: Piauí Has Hope

George Magno (PSOL) – nº 500 – Coalition: Federation PSOL Network

Gervásio Santos (PSTU) – nº 166- Coalition: PSTU

Joel Rodrigues (PP) – nº 111 – Coalition: Let’s Change Piauí

Professor Ajosé (PMN) – No. 333 – Coalition: PMN

Wellington Dias (EN) – nº 131- Coalition: A Força do Povo

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