Charles Mariotti: “No nos mate Presidente, no nos quite los ríos vivos»

Charles Mariotti: “Don’t kill us President, don’t take away our living rivers”

“Don’t kill us President, don’t take away our living rivers, plant water, plant life and plant trees”with this expression Charles Mariotti, Secretary General of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) ended his speech at the meeting held in the Jánico municipality in the Sierra of the Santiago province.

mariotti thus reiterated the opposition of the PLD to the intentions of the government, through the Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company, to build a hydroelectric complex in Las Placetas; located in the area of Mountain rangeProvince Santiago.

Through different ways the PLD and its leadership have expressed their rejection of the construction of said dam due to the ecological and social damage that it will cause to the tributaries there, to agricultural production, ecotourism and human settlements in what is projected to be the zone of influence of the same.

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“They intend to pass the mountains over to these communities, that is, cut them down, tear them down, destroy them,” said Mariotti, reiterating the position assumed by his organization in relation to the hydroelectric plant in the Las Placetas community.

He explained that the position of rejection of the Dam is not a conjuncture approach, but is based on studies and consultations by specialists and in addition to the fact that in the management of the Government of President Danilo Medina that case was closed due to the impact negative it generates.

“Don’t kill us President, don’t take away our living rivers, plant water, plant life and plant trees to have more living rivers. No and no to the Placetas”, expressed the PLD Secretary General

The Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources of the PLD had warned that the execution of said hydroelectric complex would represent an ecocide that would seriously affect the communities of the municipalities Janic Y San Jose de Las Matas, among other.

Mariotti led a meeting in Jánico with the leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party within the framework of the Itinerant General Secretariat, which was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in the municipalities of the Mountain range from Santiago.

The first of the meetings was held in Sabana Iglesia and will conclude this Sunday in San José de las Matas, following an interactive scheme in which local leaders first take turns before the participants, who are presidents of Intermediate Committees, Base Committees and members of the Municipal Directorate, later the Secretary General closes the meeting referring to the points discussed by his colleagues.

Activity headed by Charles Mariotti of the PLD.

In the meetings of the municipalities of the Sierra Mariotti, Tony Capellán, as well as members of the Central Committee and local and national leaders, have had the Liaison in the Santiago province as company.

At the beginning of his speech, he invited his colleagues to develop political tasks according to the times without leaving behind the essence of PLD which is based on boschism, the guiding theory of the peledeistas.

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