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César Cedeño on re-election Abinader: “Hipólito supports him, there is no more talk”

César Cedeño affirmed that the leadership is taking care that the dissatisfied Perremeists are placed in the State.
He said that no one is capable of dividing the PRM because Mejía and Abinader are the leaders and they work unified.

The veteran politician, second vice president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and close collaborator of Hipólito Mejía, César Cedeño, predicted that no one divides the official party because the main leaders of the organization, President Luis Abinader and former President Mejía, are unified. .

Regarding the presidential candidacy of the PRM for 2024, he said that President Abinader has the support of Mejía to opt for the repostulation.

“President Mejía has publicly said that President Abinader is doing well, that the country must give him a chance, so there is no need to talk anymore,” he stressed during the special interview with elCaribe and CDN.

He added that the ex-president is contributing to the tranquility and unity of the PRM and the country. “President Mejía does not have excessive ambitions because he was already president of the country; people don’t know it, even when it was twelve (2012) it was because a group pushed him so that he could aspire; Hipólito, who knows what to do, that we founded that party and he participated, not out of ambitions to be president again, is now playing a very important role, because his role is to reassure the base of the party, he is doing so and he is helping and advising President Abinader in whatever way he can, ”said the director of National Assets and the State Sugar Council (CEA).

It is Mejía’s behavior that gives Cedeño the basis to affirm that no one is capable of dividing the PRM. “Who is capable of dividing the PRM? Nobody; And the fact that Hipólito says, I support Luis, who is going to face Luis and Hipólito? nobody; whoever does it is wasting their time, because between Luis and Hipólito they are 90% of the PRM, with Hipólito supporting Luis and the PRM is calm ”, he considered.

Cedeño acknowledged that there is concern about the discontent of the members of the organization who are not yet in government, but said that they are taking care of this issue and that the pressure has diminished considerably. “The restlessness and concern we have from the colleagues, but that is being handled and it is being answered, and at this moment it is not the perception that there was a month before because we have given it an answer, that is decreasing, but it is at the same time, because one cannot all of a sudden name all the Perremeístas, that is not true, “he said.

He pointed out that he has the party responsibility to work in the province of San Cristóbal and that last Sunday in a meeting with his party colleagues he advised them “not to eat alone.”

“I told you, hey, don’t eat alone, if anything comes to you now in December, give it to those who have nothing, let them feel that there is a government, that is being handled quite well,” he commented.

The PRM leader expanded on his concern about the pressure for jobs in the organization.

“By tradition that always happens because no party that comes to power from one day to the next can appoint everyone, it is even more so in the four years, but we are giving way to that and we are the first to know that the comrades They have every right to go to the government because they have been working in the opposition for 16 years, now, the good thing is that they know that we are not worried, but taking care of those who are outside ”, the official also stressed.

Cedeño explained that another difficulty they have encountered in solving this issue is the Public Administration law. “Because before you reached a position in the government and you canceled everyone, but now you cannot cancel career employees,” explained the official party leader.

He stressed that the government has been busy developing policies to create jobs and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

“If private jobs are created, those of the PRM benefit, but also all citizens, because jobs are not only those of the government and the government cannot work only for one party, that is why President Abinader is working to create many jobs, and quality jobs “, he stressed.

“The statute is already agreed”

Regarding the advancement of the party agenda regarding the modification of the statutes that includes changing article 101 that prohibits the presidential reappointment in that party, he said that it is agreed. “The statute is already agreed, there is a commission that worked on it for many years It was headed by Eddy Olivares, that is ready, they have already sent it to each of the members of the Executive Directorate for any observation, it was made and there are no problems, that statute is well prepared, “he said.

Regarding Olivares’ proposal that those who aspire to lead the organization should not hold public office, he said that what must be done is to respect what the statutes say. “The statute is the Constitution of the parties,” he said.

“Guido has not yet enrolled in the PRM”

The high leader of the PRM revealed that Guido Gómez Mazara who aspires to the presidency of that party has not yet registered as a member of the organization. “He supported us; he is giving talks and it is good because he keeps the party moving, but what I say is when and when to talk about appointments, we all know it, I know that you have to name your teammates, as far as possible, “he commented. Gómez Mazara announced his support for Abinader in the last electoral campaign in an official act and until that moment he was a leader of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) that internally opposed Miguel Vargas, former foreign minister and president of the white party. Currently, the politician develops a series of talks to the leaders of the PRM under the name of “Government, party and society” with a speech that is in tune with the leaders of the PRM who have not been favored in jobs in the State.

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