Caution of the ruling party on the trial of Quiñónez

Caution of the ruling party on the trial of Quiñónez

During the weekend, the supposed support of the ruling party for the presentation of a new political trial against Sandra Quiñónez, the state attorney general, gained strength. This after the failed attempt to remove Arnaldo Giuzzio, Minister of the Interior, by the Colorado Chartists.

However, the only pro-government legislator who was open to talking about the issue was Hugo Ramírez. The deputy affirmed that although the Public Ministry needs time to advance in the investigation against Horacio Cartes, today, it is leaning in favor of impeaching Quiñónez.

“Our initial reaction is always for the protection of institutions and governance, but in this case I am more inclined towards a political trial,” he said.

Protect the institutions and hope that they do, but if you ask me my personal position, I lean more towards impeachment.

We don’t have a bench position yet, it’s just my personal position. We will see what progress there is, and together we will make the decision of the community.

Kattya González, deputy for PEN, affirmed that 20% of the lower house already has a clear position, but it was the Colorados who made it impossible to approve the last impeachment attempt held in May 2020.

“You have to ask the Colorados, here you have to build majorities. 57 votes are needed, no less than that,” he stated.

Celeste Amarilla, a deputy for the PLRA, pointed out that this is the moment to achieve the dismissal of Quiñónez. As much as it arises after some internal differences in the ANR.

“It will be very good if that lady comes out (for Quiñónez). I will accompany ”, she expressed.

The bench of Patria Querida will support the new request for political trial to appear. This was announced by Sebastián García and Sebastián Villarejo. It should be remembered that there are three legislators from this party who are present in the Lower House.

“Everything comes down to who is encouraged to vote and who is not. It is useless to make too much paraphernalia if in the end the conversations take place in other areas. That there really is an intention to carry out the trial is what must be put in the balance to know if they seek to prosecute her or simply make an exchange of pressure, a crossfire as one of the parties does, “said García.

Villarejo stated that his bench has a clear and sustained position on this issue. Although he warned that a political trial that has no votes turns out to be a real rescue.

“Last time we only had 18 votes. The question is what the ruling party and a certain sector of the PLRA will do. Many times what seems possible ends up stagnant. And what seems impossible is achieved. I hope it comes true”, he affirmed.

Carlos Rejala, a national deputy for Hagamos, affirmed that Quiñónez’s conduct is grounds for impeachment, due to proven partiality and selective accusations in various situations and processes.

“One of the cases is that of Hugo Javier, who was charged after media and citizen pressure. More than a month after innumerable irregularities were uncovered in the Government of Central”, he criticized.

Kattya González, deputy for PEN.

Caution of the ruling party on the trial of Quiñónez
Hugo Ramírez, deputy for the ANR.

Caution of the ruling party on the trial of Quiñónez
Celeste Amarilla, PLRA deputy.

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