Vladimir Cerrón on ministerial changes: "Time proved Peru Libre right in voting against the Caviar Cabinet"

Pedro Castillo received Vladimir Cerrón and Richard Rojas at the Palace tonight

President received tonight at the Government Palace Vladimir Cerrón, owner of Peru Libre, and his right-hand man Richard Rojas. According to the registry of visits from the presidential office, both were received by advisor Beber Camacho.

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According to the Transparency page, Cerrón and Rojas entered the Palace around 9:18 p.m. and left at 10:15 p.m.

It should be noted that Vladimir Cerrón has a sentence of 4 years and 8 months in prison suspended for corruption and many open investigations for the same, while Richard Rojas is being investigated for the crime of money laundering.

Pedro Castillo received Vladimir Cerrón and Richard Rojas at the Palace tonight

This nocturnal meeting takes place in the midst of President Castillo’s announcement of a “recomposition” in the teachers’ cabinet.

Three days have already passed since said proclamation; however, so far there is no news about the new premier and ministers.


On January 7, Cerrón and congressmen from Peru Libre visited President Castillo at the Palace. According to the president, the meeting, in which parliamentarians Waldemar Cerrón, Kelly Portalatino, Katy Ugarte and Álex Paredes also participated, was a “political dialogue meeting.”

By traveling to Lima to meet with Castillo without judicial authorization, Cerrón violated a rule of conduct. After that, the Prosecutor’s Office chose to request before the Judiciary the variation of Cerrón’s sentence of restricted appearance for preventive detention.

Finally, the request was declared unfounded, but the Public Ministry appealed the resolution.


They summon presidential advisers by the
-The Congressional Oversight Commission summoned Pedro Castillo’s presidential advisers for Wednesday, February 9. -Furthermore, the teachers’ faction of Peru Libre: “The Cabinet has to be made up of professionals, with experience and brokers.” -Also, the Government summoned the former Minister of Defense, Jorge Nieto Montesinos, to “talk” -And, the US denies alarmism about Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

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