CAASD to place new sanitary manhole covers at GSD

CAASD to place new sanitary manhole covers at GSD

The historical problem of theft of filter caps and scuppers It would be solved with the installation of a reinforced fiberglass model with the capacity to support 40 tons.

In various administrations of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation ( CAASD) lids made of different materials have been placed to replace the iron ones that are subtracted to melt them, but they have not had the required resistance to weight.

But now, according to the director of the CAASD, Felipe Subervithe problem will be definitively solved, because in addition to the structures being resistant, they are not attractive to the unscrupulous because they do not have metal.

Speaking at a press conference, Suberví reported that it has been a complex process because in order to award the contract to a national company, it was necessary to exhaust the steps of a tender.

In principle 500 caps were built out of a total of 2,000 that is required in Greater Santo Domingo. Each cap has a manufacturing cost of RD$11,000, which is equivalent to 5.5 million pesos for the first 500.

Suberví informed that the first caps will be placed on Expreso Quinto Centenario avenue and on the presidential route.

The official explained that each cover, in addition to being resistant to heavy traffic, has a security system to prevent them from being stolen.

Its function is to allow the inspection chambers, the drinking water and sanitary sewage registers to not be open and serve to maintain the sewerage networks when required, in addition to offering greater security to people and vehicles.

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