Sutel will present appeals against the authorization of cables to offer internet

The Single Telecommunications Union (Sutel) will present this Wednesday two resources against the authorization of cable operators to offer internet: one before him Administrative Contentious Courtand another to Presidencyin the Executive Tower.

“The objective is to appeal the decision of the Executive Power, in order to protect the national heritage, which has meant a investment of more than US$ 850 million. Let’s go in defense of the human rights of access to these services, which are considered basic”said to The Observer the president of the union, Gabriel Molina.

The documents are already drafted. The one that will be delivered at 11:00 a.m. to the Presidency is sponsored by the lawyer Oscar López Goldaracena, adds a statement released by the union and recorded The country.

Meanwhile, the text that is addressed to the Contentious-Administrative Court has more legal content than the previous one.

A source told The Observer that unionized workers plan to take action this Wednesday.

Authorization for cable operators

Sutel’s measure comes after five cable operators from Canelones, Colonia and Montevideo were authorized by the Executive Branch to provide internet services in their coverage areas. They are Korfield, Monte Cablevideo, Praimar, Riselco (New Century) and Tractoral (TCC). Companies now have to create a strategy and analyze how they will provide the service.

According to article 56 of the media law (No. 19,307), of December 29, 2014, the holders of audiovisual communication services cannot provide telephony telecommunications services or data transmission. In 2016, the cable operators argued that it was unconstitutional and the Justice agreed with them, granting them the possibility of providing the service last week..

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