AN commemorated 48 years of China-Venezuela diplomatic relationship

AN commemorated 48 years of China-Venezuela diplomatic relationship

The National Assembly (AN), during the ordinary session this Tuesday, unanimously approved the Draft Agreement on the occasion of the 48 years of Diplomatic Relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

From the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas, the deputy and president of the Chinese Parliamentary Friendship Group – VenezuelaNicolás Maduro Guerra stated that he felt honored to present an agreement that would perpetuate and strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between both sister nations.

“For me it is an honor to present an agreement that honors the commemoration of 48 years between China and Venezuela, heading to 2024 when, with the hand of God, we will celebrate the fifty years of this great relationship,” he stressed.

During the presentation of the agreement in the presence of the Chinese ambassador Li Baorong, Maduro Guerra stressed that Venezuela and China have signed 502 cooperation agreements in the areas of Industry, Commerce, Aerospace Science and Technology, Housing Construction and Development of Agricultural programs, Social and Educational, with the endorsement of the Venezuela-China Joint Commission formed in 2001, under the mandate of President Hugo Chávez Fría.

He pointed out that these agreements have given rise to achievements such as the placement of the Simón Bolívar satellite in orbit, as well as the Francisco de Miranda and Antonio José de Sucre remote sensing satellites, “being a historical and transcendental event for the communicational independence of Venezuela.”

Other points highlighted in the document signed by the Legislature, is the support that the Chinese government exercised in multilateral organizations to “help confront the economic, financial and commercial blockade, expressed in the more than 500 unilateral coercive measures”, that the Venezuelan people and government suffered from the US government.

Similarly, the agreement praised the important role of the Asian nation during the most critical moment of the covid-19 pandemic, “with the shipment of surgical medical supplies and materials to combat the disease.” Actions that were decisive for Venezuela to be one of the States that has most diligently overcome the health crisis despite the bloc.

Taking these achievements into account, the document signed by the Legislature proposes to expand “on a higher level the political relations between the parliaments of our nations based on the historical and reversible projection of the ties between China and Venezuela.”

The approved agreement will be published in the Official Gazette and delivered to the embassy of the People’s Republic of China accredited in Venezuela.

The Chinese ambassador Li Baorong accompanied by deputy and president of the Parliamentary Friendship Group between China and Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Guerra

The Parliament was filled with color and tradition in honor of China

Earlier, the Legislative Parliament of Venezuela dressed in color to honor the cultural traditions of China, with dances and an exhibition of indigenous products from the Asian country, as part of the activities to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between the two. nations.

The act was headed by the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, who took advantage of the occasion to thank the Chinese ambassador in Venezuela, Li Baorong for the support that the Asian giant has given to the Bolivarian nation.

Dance, dragons and traditional melodies from the sister People’s Republic of China enlivened the commemorative act in which parliamentarians were present along with a delegation of special envoys from China.

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