Bruno Pacheco denounced that Pedro Castillo's nephew threatened him with death, according to Panorama

Bruno Pacheco denounced that Pedro Castillo’s nephew threatened him with death, according to Panorama

The former Secretary General of the Government Palace,told the Public Ministry that Jaime Vásquez Castillo, nephew of the president threatened him with death after the $20,000 in cash was found in the bathroom of his office.

As revealed by the Panorama program, Pacheco Castillo received a call from Jaime Vásquez Castillo in which he was told that “You’re screwed… my uncle [Pedro Castillo]Why don’t you quit or I’m going to kill you?

In dialogue with the aforementioned medium, the president’s nephew did not want to comment and insisted on knowing how that version was known, that it would work in the prosecutor’s files. “I do not have to say anything to you, it is a matter of investigation”Jaime Vasquez said.

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In the case of my brother [Fray Vásquez Castillo] his case is under investigation if he does not turn himself in it is because of fear, he does not appear because of fear, the prosecutor has to be changed”he added.

Pacheco also said that he considers the mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina Guerrero, as a highly trusted person for the president’s entourage, as well as Alejandro Sánchez, owner of the house in Sarratea.

According to Panorama, in the first days of November 2021, Medina told Pacheco that the decree on a work in his district had already been issued and that “I was going to work on the water work in Anguía with Lilia and Yenifer”.

It was a decree from last year signed by Castillo that established the budget for the work won by Angie Espino, brother of Jhony Espino, who would be a friend, always following the Sunday, of Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president and sister of the first lady , Lilia Paredes.


Pedro Castillo in Huanuco

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