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Cáceres calls to “enjoy” Derlis González: “He is a class A player”

The ‘Emperor’ did not skimp on compliments when issuing on the work of his own.

“In general, a great job was done and a great display of the boys. It is a unique feeling to win a classic in our house and with our people”, she stated at a press conference.

Olimpia prevailed over Cerro Porteño displaying order and aggressiveness. Among the protagonists, the figure was undoubtedly Derlis González. The 10 fringed scored, assisted and inspired a team that relied on him to damage.

“The club has made a great effort to pay off Derlis’s debt. Today you have to enjoy him more than ever, today he was fundamental, he is a player who has a little bit of everything. He is a class A player and he has been making a tremendous effort, I know of the heavy backpack that he has been carrying, ”said the strategist.

Cáceres indicated that the victory gives them peace of mind to plan what follows, always wanting to fight for the title. “Starting tomorrow we must start thinking about Saturday’s game,” he warned.

The entrance Cáceres calls to “enjoy” Derlis González: “He is a class A player” was first published in diary TODAY.

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