President of the Popular Party questions millionaire budget for the National Assembly in 2023

The president of the Popular Party, Daniel Brea, questioned that, in the midst of a social and economic crisis and a call for austerity, the budget for the 2023 National Assembly has been set at $150 million.

“Apparently this dance of millions is an example of “austerity” and “solidarity” of the deputies with the needs of the Panamanian people, which is not even enough to cover the basic food basket,” he remarked.

He assured that the National Assembly is not identified with poor people, with rural people, with ordinary people who live from day to day, because its main interest revolves around those who make up this chamber, that is, the pocket of the deputies, their interests and their donors.

He indicated that the current government lacks leadership and that it has condemned the country to a “disastrous” fate and that the country is going through one of the deepest “institutional” crises it has faced in its history.

“We have lived through difficult times, where citizens have taken to the streets, where the Inter-American highway was closed for several weeks and we were negative news in the world,” he lamented.


Regarding the negotiations taking place in Coclé, he stated that “this fight does not belong to any union or union, the indignation belongs to everyone within our society and the demonstrations are a reflection of the feelings of our people, who, without difference of social class and political preference, demands real changes in the current politics of our country”:

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