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Broad Front closed its National Plenary and approved political plan

The National Plenary of the Broad Front, concluded its national plenary session with its authorities, which resulted in a declaration on the country’s situation and the approval of its “political plan.”

The text of the political force, maintains that “the prices of the products of the basic basket increase, poverty increases.” In addition, “expressions of hunger appear, there are more people on the street, wages and pensions fall,” indicates political strength.

It also states that “the benefits of the National Integrated Health System are profoundly deteriorating, its most visible expression being the lack of medicines. Fuels already have a 48% increase in two years, impacting the consumption of basic goods and services.

The document adds and dedicates a passage to public security, where it is added that it is witnessing the verification that “the country’s security problems are not resolved with harsh speeches.” Nor with “ineffective measures and political opportunism. Uruguay requires a space for dialogue on this issue.

It should address “in depth the social transformations that our country is experiencing, which require a multidimensional approach.” So that it allows establishing “at the same time short-term measures to improve security devices and social, economic and cultural structural changes.”

“There are no answers” they maintain from the Broad Front

«The harsh situation that our country is experiencing with the permanent increase in violence requires maturity and responsibility and, for this reason, once again our political strength is at the service of a space for exchange that allows us to put at the center of our efforts , solutions to a situation that afflicts our society. In addition, at this time of emergency there are no answers for housing problems.

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