Bergara said that Lacalle Pou cannot intervene in political propaganda, according to the Constitution

Bergara said that Lacalle Pou cannot intervene in political propaganda, according to the Constitution


Lacalle said that he will surely be the spokesperson for the “No” on the national radio and television network, in support of the 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) that will be submitted for consideration by citizens in the referendum on March 27. March.

“It is the Law of the entire Executive Power, of the entire government coalition, and there is my hook, there is my signature,” Lacalle said in an interview with Telemundo 12.

“What I can’t do is partisan politics, so since I’m afraid of stepping over the line, and apart from that I like it, I haven’t been to assemblies, I haven’t been to events. I could have gone to places to speak, but I prefer not because it will be confused with partisan political acts. So, it’s not up to me. Now, in an interview, in the General Assembly, which can be a national network, I feel entitled and with legal and constitutional protection, and also with the obligation to explain why we support the ‘No’ vote in this referendum ”, explained the head of state.

Bergara says that Lacalle cannot intervene

However, the senator of the Broad Front, Mario Bergara, said that according to article 77 of the Constitution of the Republic, the president “cannot intervene in political propaganda of an electoral nature.”

“The referendum is an electoral instance. Doesn’t he who speaks on the radio and television network in favor of the ‘No’ violate the Magna Carta? Why does he do it? Could it be that the ‘Yes advances?’, questioned the legislator.

Article 77 numeral 5 of the Constitution establishes that: “The President of the Republic and the members of the Electoral Court may not form part of political commissions or clubs, nor act in the governing bodies of the parties, nor intervene in any way in electoral political propaganda.

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