Italian lawyers say they try to destroy his morale

Italian lawyers say they try to destroy his morale

The lawyers of Francesco Padovani, the Italian Send to prison by question neglect in a children’s home of mount silverconsidered as “a shame” that a representative of the Public ministry supplied a press release to the media establishing that a measure of coercion was imposed on his client for sexual abuse of minors, when he affirms that this was not the case.

Robinson Reyes, the defendant’s lawyer, reported that he will file a formal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) against Olga Diná Llaveriasnot only for said prosecutor to retract, but also for the appropriate sanctions to be taken.

“Olga Dina Llaverías will be taken and submitted by us before the Council of the Public ministry to answer for the abuse committed. He has already killed Yunior Ramírez, but we will not allow him to do the same with Francesco Padovani and Rosanna Andujar, ”warned the defense of the Italian.

Clarifies the statement of the lawyers that Francesco Padovani and Rosanna Andújar were imposed prison preventive for alleged violation of article 351, numeral 2, which establishes the following: Children and adolescents will be considered guilty of abandonment and mistreatment, and punished with the penalties of prison from one to five years and a fine of five hundred to five thousand pesos, the father or the mother or the persons in charge of any child or adolescent who does not pay sufficient attention, affection, vigilance or correction, or allows or incite them to carry out acts detrimental to their mental or moral health.

Reyes indicated that his clients have not mistreated, abandoned or incited acts that affect the proper development of the adolescents under their care and that the last evaluation carried out by Conani on Progetto Esperanza gave it a rating of 98 points out of 100.

“Bliss prison orderly, it is extremely unfair and if irresponsible fatherhood or motherhood were to be sanctioned in this country, the prisons would be full of fathers and mothers who abandon and mistreat their children and NGOs, like Progetto Esperanza, are a beacon of light for young adolescents initiated in drugs or in sexual activities at a very young age, “says the statement.

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