War between Russia and Ukraine raises prices in the Peruvian economy

War between Russia and Ukraine raises prices in the Peruvian economy

The it has a direct impact on the Peruvian economy, which is reflected in the increase in prices of some products.

One of these increases occurs in fuels. Currently, a 10-kilo gas balloon varies between S/47 and S/67 in the capital (according to Osinergmin’s Facilito portal), but it could register an increase in the coming days.

The consultant of the Peruvian Society of Liquefied Gas (SPGL), Carlos de los Santos, indicated that the price of oil rose 33% in 12 months and in the coming weeks it could increase between 17% and 27%.

As a consequence of this, he explained that many people have chosen to use firewood for cooking. “The use of this product has grown by 17% due to the increase in fuel prices and this is dangerous for health,” she added.

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In his opinion, one way to reverse the situation is to expand the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC) since he assured that last year it was out of date, and to increase the number of beneficiaries of discounts for the purchase of the ball. of domestic gas of 10 kilos.


Another sector that is having a hard time is that of bakeries due to the international rise in the price of wheat, whose contract expiring this month already exceeds US$470 per ton.

Pío Pantoja, president of the Peruvian Association of Bakery and Pastry Entrepreneurs (ASPAN), specified that the sector had already been hit by the pandemic, which led to the closure of 400 companies in 2021 and 200 in the first months of this year.

“Due to COVID-19, 30% of bakeries raised their prices, others reduced costs. Now some already prefer to return premises, lose labor. The business is not so profitable anymore, ”he said.

However, he pointed out that it is necessary to “understand that people now take more care of their diet, so quinoa bread, kiwicha bread, among others” must be offered.

little to do

Universidad del Pacífico professor Carlos Parodi pointed out that in a situation like this, the markets “get nervous”, which leads to an appreciation of the dollar.

In that sense, he considered that in the coming days we will see an increase in the prices of bread, noodles, cookies, corn (chicken could go up), oil, gas, among others.

He pointed out that “there is little that can be done from the Executive”, and that it is now in the hands of the people to prioritize expenses.

“The population is not understanding that the war has a global impact. The BCR can raise the reference rate in the face of inflation, but even so I don’t think it will close this year within the target range (between 1% and 3%)”, she commented.


  • A Reuters poll of 35 economists and analysts found that Brent could hit $91.15 a barrel of oil this year, up from consensus of $79.16 in January.
  • Meanwhile, US WTI crude oil prices are expected to average US$87.68 in 2022. This amount is also above what was expected at the beginning of the year, which was US$76.23 a barrel.


Among those summoned to the house of Breña, is the former Minister of Defense, Juan Carrasco; the general manager of Petroperú, Hugo Chávez and the businessman Zamir Villaverde. In addition, we spoke with Jorge Yzusqui, director of Innova Schools, about returning to classes. And the visitor to the Government Palace, Daniel Salaverry. Minister Hernán Condori also denounces mafias but does not release names.

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