Be especially careful with the police, do not drink alcohol in public or insult on the pitch: the guide to Qatar

How to transport yerba, ways of greeting, clothing, procedures and how to address people during their stay in Qatar, are a series of aspects that a person takes into account. guide for the uruguayan traveler, published this Friday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay. Among several points, it details rules of coexistence that the foreigner must consider, if he does not even want to be arrested, fined, deported or suffer a death sentence, after his visit by the Soccer World Cup this 2022.

For example, there is inappropriate behaviorsmainly in the stadium: cursing and making rude gestures are considered obscene acts and offenders can be jailed or even deported. “Take special care when dealing with the police and other officials,” the document details.

Public displays of affection should also be avoided, as they can lead to arrest.

Due to laws, living together without being married is prohibited, as well as sex outside of marriage. Same-sex sexual behavior is illegal in Qatar. They can lead to prison sentences and even the death penalty.

On the other hand, littering in the street is sanctioned with a fine of up to QAR 10 thousand (equivalent to US$ 2,746.5).

Assaults against sexual dignity are punished with jail.

What’s more, it is a crime to drink alcohol or be intoxicated in public. For example, drinking in a public place can result in a prison sentence of up to 6 months or a fine of up to 3 thousand QAR (US$823.9). The minimum age to drink alcohol is 21 years.

About the way to greet, is a brief and gentle handshake. With women, any physical contact in greeting should be avoided. Only a gesture will be made as a courtesy, placing the hand on the chest and slightly bowing the head, explains the text.

Refering to clothing, it is recommended that both men and women cover their shoulders and knees. Have a pashmina as a staple in your wardrobe. Bikinis may not be worn on public beaches. Bikinis are tolerated on private hotel beaches.

How to say…

Although most people speak English in Qatar, there are a large number of foreigners who speak different languages ​​and dialects, it is clarified. And that’s why the guide includes featured phraseswith its translation in English and the Arabic language.

The guide publishes phrases in the Arabic language recommended for Uruguayan citizens in cases of emergency.

Spanish: “I don’t speak Arabic and I don’t feel well, can you tell me where there is a Hospital?” / Arab: “La atakalm al arabia wa lastu behala llayidah, Ayna akrab mustashfa?”

Spanish: “I don’t speak Arabic, can you tell me how I got to….” / Arab: “La atakalm al arabia, Hal yumken an tujbiruni kaifa asel ila….”

Spanish: “I am Uruguayan and I request to call my Embassy” / Arab: “Ana min al urugway, oridoo ana atasel bi safarati”.

Spanish: How can you go to the Stadium of….? / Arab: Kaifa Azhab ila almalab.

Other references, greetings and typical phrases:

Spanish: Good day / Arab: Sabahu al-Khair

Spanish: Good afternoon Good night / Arab: Masaau al khair

Spanish: Please / Arab: min fadlak

Spanish: Thanks / Arab: Shukra

Spanish: My name is… / Arab: Ana ismí…

Spanish: Passport / Arab: Llawaz al safar

Be especially careful with the police, do not drink alcohol in public or insult on the pitch: the guide to Qatar

Other standards

On the other hand, professional cameras and drones are prohibited. It is also not allowed to take pictures of official government buildings, industrial plants and military camps.

In case of transporting yerba mate for personal use, it is suggested to do it with the original packaging of the company that processes and sells it, and it must be factory sealed, he details.

To consider

The Foreign Ministry recommends inquiring about weather conditions before traveling.

Once at the destination, it is suggested to use public transport and preferably the transport that is accessed through the FAN-ID to travel to matches. Taxis and private vehicles will not have access to the stadiums.

To consider: Have now is a smart technology ID card that will guarantee and facilitate the best fan experience in Qatar. All Qatari citizens, residents and visitors attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ matches will be required to obtain the Hayya Card, which will be available in both digital and physical formats.

On Health“it is important to take out travel medical insurance with the highest coverage, the costs of private health services in Qatar can be very high.”

Some prescription drugs and over-the-counter may be controlled substances in Qatar. If you need to bring prescription or controlled medications into Qatar, be sure to bring your doctor’s prescription, detailing the drug, the amount prescribed, and the dosage.

Requirements to enter Qatar

Be especially careful with the police, do not drink alcohol in public or insult on the pitch: the guide to Qatar

The Foreign Ministry indicates that the traveler check that his passport is valid for at least six months from the time your visit to Qatar ends and is in good condition. That the person buys a round trip ticket. As well as purchasing a package with a travel agency that includes accommodation.

You must have a round trip ticket, and have a reservation for accommodation.

If you wish to enter and leave Qatar during the World Cup, you must apply for a multiple-entry visa. You must present the tickets to the matches (FAN ID – HAYYA CARD).

On the other hand, the validity of the visa will be for the duration of the World Cup. In addition, the ministry recommends consulting the health measures for the covid-19 pandemic.

It is important to carry the contact information of your Embassy with you. “In case of arrest, ask to speak with the Consular Section of the Embassy,” adds the guide.

economic solvency

You must demonstrate economic solvency (US$ 1,500 in cash or international credit card) to enter. In addition, the cost of the visa is approximately US$40.

It is recommended that you inform your bank that you will be traveling to Qatar and avoid having your cards blocked. It is advisable to travel with euros or US dollars to exchange them for Qatari riyals. Remember that if you enter with a figure greater than US$10,000, you must declare it.

“We recommend that you do not depend exclusively on ATMs, there may be technical difficulties in withdrawing funds. The US dollars must be issued after 2009”.

Attendance at stadiums

The guide offers information about the means of transport, vehicle driving rules, transport between the stadiums and details of each of them, among others.

Tickets for World Cup matches must be purchased by travelers on the FIFA website or through official agencies. “Request the Hayya card (FAN ID) through the following link:“, Add.

“If you don’t buy a package at a travel agency, make your hotel reservation in advance at agencies that provide guaranteed services. Keep an electronic copy of your passport, airline tickets and hotel reservations to facilitate their replacement in case of theft or loss. If you lose your travel document or it is stolen, file a complaint at the police station closest to your accommodation and notify the Consular Section of the Uruguayan Embassy in Qatar,” the document indicates.

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