Argimón will travel to Ukraine and Russia to seek to influence the end of the war

Photo: Twitter / Beatriz Argimon
Photo: Twitter / Beatriz Argimon

The Vice President of the Republic and President of the Senate, Beatriz Argimón, will travel to Ukraine and Russia together with presidents of other parliaments in order to promote “promote dialogue” to “end the war”.

“We want to emphasize that the Interparliamentary Union has been clear about the situation, about the invasion and in that sense the declaration has stated so,” Argimón added about the trip.

“We are adjusting the details, but it is a great responsibility and we know the importance of the mission for the European Union and also for the countries of which we are a part”, he continued.

“We are going to visit kyiv and also Moscow, with the understanding that, for us, the important thing is dialogue and ending the war, that one really thinks of the 21st century, incredible that it is happening,” said the vice president at a conference. press.

Meeting with Zelensky

The trip will take place between July 7 and 17, according to information from the Executive Power released in the media.

Argimón pointed out that members of the Interparliamentary Union are in communication with their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, and that in addition “The possibility is being handled” of holding a meeting with the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski.

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