Arequipa has 33% wage inequality between men and women

Arequipa has 33% wage inequality between men and women

Arequipa is one of the regions where there is a greater wage inequality gap between men and women, despite performing the same function or performing the same work.

According to the Regional Competitiveness Report, Incore 2021, the wage inequality in Arequipa is 33.7%namely, above the national average which is 19.3%.

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Add to that the 65.9% of the population has an informal job and the creation of formal employment contracted by 2.2%, in relation to the previous year.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arequipa, together with the National Superintendence of Labor Inspection (Sunafil), will hold this Thursday, April 28, the virtual talk called Salary Equality, which will be transmitted by the Facebook account of the Chamber of Commerce.

The event will be at 4:30 pm, where the specialists will inform the companies of the city and the interested parties about the norm that prohibits making a differentiated paymentone of them below what the other receives, despite the fact that both perform the same tasks.

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