Evidence found on Calle 24 in Los Ciruelitos, Santiago, this morning, photo José Disla

Another violent death in Santiago, add up to 9 in a week

SANTIAGO.- A shootout early today on 24th Street in Los Ciruelitos, here in the middle of a street party, left at least one man dead and one woman injured, adding this violent death to eight others that have occurred in a week, in this city, incidents that are being investigated by police and the Public Ministry.

The deceased man was identified this morning only as “Alexis la Para” and the woman who was injured, whose identity is unknown, was transferred to the Presidente Estrella Ureña Hospital from here where she receives medical assistance.

According to residents of Los Ciruelitos, the shooting occurred around 4:00 a.m. today in the middle of a street party, denouncing that they cannot sleep because of the constant shootings on weekends, in addition to robberies. At the scene, authorities collected more than 30 shell casings.

Evidence found on Calle 24 in Los Ciruelitos this morning, photo José Disla

Other violent deaths in the last hours

Caciano García Sepúlveda, 67, a resident of 59th Street in the El Embrujo III urbanization in this city, died yesterday when one of two subjects who were traveling on a motorcycle shot him. García Sepúlveda resisted the robbery and the two individuals charged with their firearm.

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Meanwhile, on Hard Floor of Bella Vista last Saturday Ismael Ramírez del Rosario (el Prieto) and José Ramón Tavarez Valdez (el Maestro) died in the middle of a shootout at a drug point, the Police reported.

Ramírez del Rosario was shot during the shooting in the Piso Duro neighborhood, where one of the shots also hit Tavarez Valdez, who was drinking alcoholic beverages near the scene.

The National Police said this morning that they allegedly identified and persecuted several individuals who fatally injured three people, in events that occurred last Saturday and yesterday, Sunday, in Piso Duro (Bella Vista) and El Embrujo III, in this city.

As for García Sepúlveda, he died while receiving medical assistance in a private health center, due to a gunshot wound to the neck, caused by two people, who fled on a motorcycle, after stripping him of a Browning pistol. .380 caliber, which he carried legally.

In the Hard Floor sector of Bella Vista, a National Police sergeant was also injured by a firearm, in an incident that is still being investigated.

Last Friday, five violent deaths had been recorded in four days in this city, three of them in the southern area of ​​Santiago and the others in Pueblo Nuevo and Los Reyes II here.

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