Hemodialysis Institute of the Maciel Hospital renewed its equipment for kidney treatments

Hemodialysis Institute of the Maciel Hospital renewed its equipment for kidney treatments

“The patients who attend belong to the Integrated Health System and deserve safe, dignified and quality care,” said the head of ASSE, Leonardo Cipriani, at the inauguration of the equipment of the Highly Specialized Medicine Institute (IMAE) of Hemodialysis of the Hospital Maciel, which consists of 12 armchairs. In addition, the agency presented the project for the new service building, which will be built in 2023.

Cipriani was accompanied, this Monday the 23rd, by the interim Minister of Public Health, José Luis Satdjian; members of the board of directors of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE); the director of the Maciel Hospital, Aníbal Dutra, and representatives of the Hospital Support Commission, headed by Homero Bagnulo, among other health authorities.

Two IMAEs work at the Maciel Hospital for patients with chronic kidney disease and both are managed by said Support Commission. Hemodialysis was opened in 1998 and generally serves users of the hospital itself and the rest of ASSE; the Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis has been in operation since June 2004.

In 2021, 9,838 procedures were performed in the first and 10,927 in the second; per month, they attended, on average, about 110 patients between the two.

Based on the acquisition presented at the conference, the 12 chairs and devices to carry out hemodialysis treatments will be renewed.

At the event, Cipriani recalled that with this inauguration the guideline of President Lacalle Pou is continued: improve what can be done and continue with the State policies that have proven their positive impact on society.

For his part, Dutra stressed that the Support Commission renewed the 12 chairs and their respective specialized medical equipment and stressed that, with this action, the comfort of patients, their safety and the quality of treatment are guaranteed.

In addition, it revealed that, in order to finish adapting these nephrological services to the best quality standards, a new physical plant will be built outside the hospital in 2023, in which both IMAE will be installed.

At present, polyclinic consultations, follow-up studies, transfers and food are coordinated there. It is the only center of its kind in the country where users are dialyzed during the night shift. Presidency

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