Annoyances in Open Town Hall because their proposals are "underestimated or rejected" in Parliament

Annoyances in Open Town Hall because their proposals are “underestimated or rejected” in Parliament

Photo: Facebook / Cabildo Abierto
Photo: Facebook / Cabildo Abierto

The alternate senator and press officer of the Cabildo Abierto, Marcos Methol, expressed his dissatisfaction on behalf of his party that the proposals of the political force are “underestimated or rejected” in Parliament, despite the fact that 270,000 citizens voted for them. .

“As for the Cabildo projects, what you see is that at first they are underestimated or rejected outright. And then they take them more seriously or make their own very similar, “Methol said in an interview with Faces and masks.

Methol assured that within the multi-colored coalition “the number of votes received by the ultra-conservative political group led by Guido Manini Ríos is not measured, and that many times the National Party and the Colorado Party, Cabildo Abierto” is uncomfortable (…) that it does not drag the inertia of other times ”and that seek to solve problems“ that were previously swept under the rug ”.

“I interpret that it is because it is a new party, although it is not estimated that it represents almost 270,000 people […] On the other hand, Cabildo does not drag inertia from other times, it came up with many proposals and faces many problems that were previously swept under the rug, “Methol added to the media.

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