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May 1, 2022
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Aníbal Torres speaks again about alleged audios of Bruno Pacheco: “If they have evidence, let them present it”

Sarratea case: Oversight Commission summons Aníbal Torres for Wednesday, May 4

The head of the ministerial cabinet, referred once again to the alleged existence of audios that would be in the possession of former Secretary of the Presidential Office Bruno Pacheco and asked that they be presented.

In statements to journalists during the reinstallation of the dialogue table in Espinar, in the Cusco region, the prime minister denied any relationship with the businesswoman .

“I have not had any relationship, any communication, any meeting with her (Karelim López), nor do I know her personally”Torres Vasquez said.

“Let them present (the audios). If they say they have evidence, let them present it. Why don’t they show them?”asked the head of the PCM, who made the same claim the day before.

In this sense, the prime minister tried to distort the businesswoman’s statements by alleging that she had not presented any proof of her accusations, a fact that he described as “immoral” because, he said, “attacks the dignity, the honor of people”.

“The fact that they are giving merit to a lady who pretends to be an effective collaborator and without presenting any proof, that is immoral, it is an attack on the dignity, the honor of people. You have to respect the human being, nothing is respected here anymore”he underlined.

“In the prosecution they publicized what (Karelim López) had declared about this aspect of Mr. Pacheco, that I would have had a meeting in an apartment in Miraflores. They no longer know what to talk about, they say Miraflores, they say San Borja now”he added.

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He denies alleged audios

Giovana Quiñones, Bruno Pacheco’s lawyer, for her part, stated the day before that her client does not have documents that could compromise high-ranking government officials such as the president .

In statements to RPP, he added that the possibility of his client leaving the country has not been contemplated and announced that he will denounce the lawyer William Paco Castillo for not telling the truth in relation to the information he gave about Bruno Pacheco.

“Unfortunately, Mr. William Paco Castillo makes conjectures, he has already stopped being the lawyer, at no time did he tell him that he had audios that compromised President Pedro Castillo. No, please, what are they talking about? Mr. Pacheco does not have any audio or any document that compromises the Government, what Paco Castillo says hurts Bruno Pacheco “he added.


Peru21TV spoke with the president of the Association of Small Business Unions of Peru, Ana María Choquehuanca, about the signing of the pronouncement “Empresarios Unidos por el Perú” against the government of Pedro Castillo.

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