Alva refuses to integrate commissions of Andean Peoples and Science and Technology

Alva refuses to integrate commissions of Andean Peoples and Science and Technology

The legislator of Popular Action, asked not to integrate the Andean Peoples or Science and Technology commissions because they are not related to his profession, despite the fact that these were the proposals presented to the by the spokesman for his caucus, Elvis Vergara.

“At least out of decency they should have communicated these changes to us. As I told my co-religionists, I don’t need more charges. But if they are going to pass us to a commission, at least let us know out of respect and consideration. I prefer to be alone in this seat”, said.

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“Please, I am resigning because I have heard that I am the head of the Andean Peoples and Science and Technology commission, which have nothing to do with my profession. So please, I am not going to be on those commissions.”added the congresswoman.

“I have also seen that they have changed me from the Justice commission that they had appointed me, for being a lawyer, I understand. He was even working on some songs this week. I also ask that they re-evaluate that issue, because in the previous one it was fair”he asserted.

His statements were made in the framework of his participation in the plenary session of Congress, after the rapporteur of Parliament read the modifications proposed by the spokespersons for the formation of the working groups for the period 2022-2023.

It is necessary to add that in this same session, the Alianza para el Progreso (APP) bloc ceded one of its two spaces in the Foreign Relations Commission of Congress to the parliamentarian María del Carmen Alva Prieto (Popular Action), despite the fact that in said working group already includes two of his co-religionists.


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