Presidente del CODIA denuncia proyectos turísticos zona Bávaro y Punta Canta se levantan sin licencia

President of CODIA denounces tourism projects in the Bávaro and Punta Canta areas that are built without a license

The new president of the Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (CODIA), Christian Rojas Moradenounced that several tourism projects in the Bavaro and Punta Cana area they rise without building permits.

He explained that several hotel buildings in the eastern region of the country do not have the licenses granted by the technical departments of the Ministries of Housing and the Ministry of Public Works and Communications.

He also announced that its fundamental purpose is to strengthen the prestige of that professional association in Dominican society.

He indicated that “like you, we are concerned about the perception of the deterioration of the image of our school, both in the physical area and what frames the protection of the professionals of our union.”

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When delivering the central speech of the swearing-in of the new national board of CODIA for the period 2022-2023, in the Manuel del Cabral Auditorium of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Rojas Mora said that “I want them to have the firm conviction that we will put all our energy, with the help of God and all of you, to improve the public image that our institution has maintained for many years.

He advanced that the fundamental axes of his management will be framed in the modification of law 340-06ensure the transparency and flexibility of the specifications for professionals in engineering, architecture and small businesses in order that they can access the State market, “who is our main client”.

“That the bidders before the public bidding processes and other contracting modalities are classified according to their financial capacity and experience”, said Rojas Mora.

He warned that, in this regard, it would prevent “a large company from competing with a small company and thus causing the exclusion of the latter.”

“In that same order, we will fight so that public institutions increasingly carry out the modality of works raffles, thus giving greater opportunities to bidders with less experience and less capacity for financial resources,” he explained.

Rojas Mora assured that “we will continue demanding that private works be built within the established legal framework, having an engineering or architecture professional at the head of each project, in this way we defend professional practice, a fundamental element in the creation of our school” .

He said that “we will apply without delay the professional rates to all the works, particularly those that are raised under the modality of the Affordable Housing Trust Act”.

“We cannot under any circumstances continue to allow CODIA to stop receiving millions of pesos each year for this concept of an illegitimate exemption from the professional rate,” he warned.

In that sense, Rojas Mora specified, “we will act in accordance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which orders the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (now MIVHED) to deliver the list of works with the names of builders and developers of all housing trusts low-cost and that CODIA determines the value and payment of the professional fee, since this tax is directly addressed to the engineering and architecture professional who is a member of our Association and who designs and/or executes the work”.

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The new president of CODIA assured that he will demand from the Nova construction companyl, which on July 10 caused the collapse of an area of ​​the physical plant of the union’s headquarters, compensate for the damage caused.

“We know that the real estate company responsible for the damage has around 35 construction projects in the city. tourist area of ​​Bavaro and Punta Cana and that the vast majority lack a construction license issued by the Ministry of Housing and Buildings (MIVED) and before the MOPC”, he added.

Rojas Mora recalled that “we were victims of the poor exercise and application of construction regulations in the country and the lack of supervision and follow-up by the institutions responsible for granting licenses and permits.”

Prior to the swearing-in of the National Directorate of CODIA, a Thanksgiving mass was celebrated at the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes church, in the Colonial Zone, and a floral offering was held at the Altar de la Patria

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