Almost 162 thousand people entered the country until this Saturday for Easter

Nail 161,838 people entered the country from the beginning of the Holy Week until this Saturday, according to figures from the National Directorate of Migration released by the Ministry of the Interior in the last few hours, according to Underlined. In addition, there was a similar number of people who left Uruguayan borders in the same period: there were 161,531.

In both cases, the vast majority were Uruguayan. Of those who left, some 127,984 were local citizens (79%) while income represented 61% (97,821 individuals).

According to official figures, in the list of foreigners, Argentines were the ones that registered the most income and expenses in the country: 43,992 and 20,883, respectively. It was followed by Brazil (with 8,895 people who entered the national territory and 4,355 who left).

Most of those who left the country used the bridge that connects Paysandú with the city of Colón in Entre Ríos (30,529) and a very similar number did so through the port of Colonia, through which 30,421 people left the country in the last week. The bridge that connects Salto with the Argentine city of Concordia gave way to almost 23,000 people, while over the Fray Bentos bridge, just over 22,000 left.

Meanwhile, just over 17,000 people left Carrasco Airport. The port of Montevideo and the departures through the Chuy and Rivera did not exceed 10 thousand departures in each case.

Likewise, the preferred passage for those who entered Uruguay for Holy Week was Fray Bentos: 34,078 people arrived from the General San Martín Bridge. A somewhat lower figure was found in Paysandú (32,239) and in Colonia (29,650). Just over 22,000 people arrived from the Salto bridge, while almost 14,000 individuals arrived thanks to the flights that arrived in Carrasco.

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