Ambulance delivered to Navarrete hospital

Navarrete. – The community of Navarrete received a modern ambulance from Mr. Andrés Bautista García on behalf of President Luis Abinader, who delivered it in an act in front of the municipal hospital of this community.

Bautista stressed that this was a promise from President Abinader, who is assuring that health is a priority for this Government and that investment will continue.

The authorities of Navarrete received the new and modern ambulance, fully equipped, so that this province is strengthened in the transfer of patients at all times.

“The community had requested that service and today it became a reality, our president Abinader is giving priority to all health problems, especially to be able to have an ambulance, since with it the lives of thousands of patients can be saved,” said Bautista. .

With the delivery of this modern ambulance, services to the public are streamlined, for the transfer of people to other hospitals, fulfilling President Luis Abinader, a need that the inhabitants of this place had long ago, said Bautista.

Ambulance delivered to Navarrete 2 hospital

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