Agreement signed to implement ecosystem retribution mechanism in Huancavelica

Agreement signed to implement ecosystem retribution mechanism in Huancavelica

The company Emapa Huancavelica SA and the Madre de Salcca Santa Ana community, from the town of Pucapampa, district of Santa Ana, signed the first compensation mechanism agreement for water ecosystem services (Merese-H) in the Huancavelica region, in order to recover, protect and conserve the Ccapariscca Chaca micro-basin.

The agreement consists of actions for the recovery of degraded areas and promoting the sustainable use and conservation of ecosystems in the Ccapariscca Chaca de Pucapampa micro-basin, which will ensure water to supply the city of Huancavelica.

They signed it within the framework of the Merese promoted by the National Superintendency of Sanitation Services (Sunass).

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Emapa will intervene with the fencing of pastures, improvement of pastures and implementation of a demonstration plot for the conservation of soil management and others.

Likewise, it will implement a hydrological monitoring system that will allow information to be obtained to evaluate the cost-benefit of the interventions.

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In Peru, the protection of water sources is a public policy that Sunass, through tariff studies, promotes so that water companies generate reserves and finance projects for the conservation, recovery and sustainable use of ecosystems, through water Merese . Sunass supervises and controls that the proceeds are used exclusively for the proposed purposes.

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The rate study of Emapa Huancavelica (2019-2024) considered reserving funds for water Merese that have been applied since 2019. Thus, about 495 thousand soles have been collected that will be invested in the conservation of the Ccapariscca Chaca micro-basin

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