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They seek to identify thieves who took G. 27 million from a pantry in Limpio

A man who, under trickery, had brought a 13-year-old girl against her will to his home to subject her to sexual abuse was arrested. The defendant held the victim captive for three days.

The fiscal agent Sandra Ledesma intervened in an act of disappearance of a minor that had been denounced by the mother after she had lost traces of her daughter while both were working.

According to the report, both were dedicated to the sale of plants on public roads and, at a given moment, the girl separated from her mother and disappeared, for which the Prosecutor’s Office ordered the search and location of the same.

After 3 days of searching, the victim was finally found in total shock. In her story, she stated that she had been held during all this time by a man who persuaded her to buy her plants and took advantage of a moment of trust to invite her tereré, which presumably had some sleeping pill since it made her faint. .

The situation was taken advantage of by this subject, identified as Miguel Ángel Cáceres, to take her against her will and lock her in a room where he sexually abused her on several occasions, handcuffed her with a rope and kept her deprived of liberty for several days under threats. .

The prosecutor ordered the psychological containment of the victim as well as a medical inspection, a task that was carried out by the forensic doctor of the Public Ministry. The case was reported to the Ombudsman for Children to adopt the pertinent precautionary protection measures.

The girl helped the investigators identify the house where she had been held, so a search was carried out at the scene. During the procedure, evidence related to the incident was found, such as towels with traces of blood and underwear, presumably the victim’s, as well as some strange medications.

Miguel Ángel Cáceres is already in custody and was charged with the punishable act of sexual abuse of children and deprivation of liberty, for which the prosecutor Sandra Ledesma requested preventive detention from the court.

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