After an urgent investigation, the director of the former Comcar was dismissed from his position

After the emergency information carried out by the National Institute of Rehabilitation, The Ministry of the Interior reported that the chief commissioner Antonny Vallejo was dismissed as prison coordinator of the Santiago Vázquez prison (former Comcar). Commissioner Carlos Tarocco was appointed in his place, and will take office next Tuesday.

The Ministry of the Interior had already relieved the chief commissioner after They denounced him for forcing inmates to build a barbecue for his house. According to the complaint, Vallejo ordered the prisoners to build a barbecue using materials from the prison, to later transfer him to his home.

“The confidence we had is over (…) he made a very ugly mistake, there are not two opinions,” Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber said in this regard.

After receiving the conclusions of the urgent information, the director of the National Rehabilitation Institute, Luis Mendoza, ordered a summary with separation of the charge for the chief commissioner Vallejo.

Also, Deputy Commissioner Willington Sierra was dismissed as director of the Industrial Pole of Unit No. 4 (Santiago Vázquez) at the same time that an administrative summary was initiated without removal from office.

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